MiamiMeanGirls – Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel – Smells Like Teeen Spirit



Name: MiamiMeanGirls – Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel – Smells Like Teeen Spirit
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:11:34
Size: 1011 MB

We are just two school girls that are in the hall talking about how we rule the school. Suddenly the lame principle comes by and freaks out because we wore our hot latex school girl outfits again. He said the next time we wore them we would be in big trouble. So we decide that he is the one in trouble because we have video on our phones of him staring at our asses like a perv! We could get him fired. But instead we make him get on his knees in the hall and put his ugly face next to our perfect asses as we fart on him repeatedly. It’s too bad, at the end, he got publicly humiliated when the other girls saw him on his knees smelling our asses like this in the hall, LOL! You can here them screaming “Look! Look!” haha! I wonder who else we can humiliate the fuck out of like this… maybe the rest of the wimps in school.

Download MiamiMeanGirls_-_Princess_Ashley_and_Princess_Chanel_-_Smells_Like_Teeen_Spirit.part1.rar from (550.00 MB)
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