London Lix – Testing Your Loyalty



Name: London Lix – Testing Your Loyalty
Video: Windows Media, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:10:28
Size: 914 MB

You walk into your living room to find me straddling your chair, casually smoking. I tell you not to be alarmed; your friends hired me for you to have some fun with tonight. If you’re a little nervous you could always take one of my ‘little blue p1lls’ to help get things kick started…there you go. Now that you’re getting hard and stroking that dick firmly, why don’t we get a little more honest with each other. I wasn’t hired by your friends; I was hired by your wife. Kinky, huh? Depends what you’re into…because I was hired by her to test your loyalty, and that p1ll you just took has more than just one effect. Can you restrain yourself today and survive? Or will you fall victim to this naughty little hit girl, unable to resist temptation and putting your life on the line for an orgasm?

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