Incest – Ashley Alban – Daddy Fucks Me

Your step-daughter Ashley comes in to talk to you one day after school. She tells you that there is a party tonight and she wants to go, but she doesnt want to tell her mom about it. As you listen to her, you look at the tiny crop top she is wearing. She is clearly a little slut. Maybe you can get something out of this if you let her go to the party. You tell her to come over to the bed. Then, you tell Ashley to pull your dick out. She giggles. She says its fine if thats what you want; itll just get her warmed up for the party tonight. Ashley takes your dick out and starts to suck it. Obviously this isnt the first time she has sucked a dick before.

You tell her to get up, that you want to fuck her. She excitedly agrees. Once sitting up she asks if you have a condom. Of course you dont, so she pulls one out of her panties. She tells you that she cant get pregnant. Shes still in high school after all. You put on the condom and she takes off her panties and gets on all-fours. You slide your rock hard dick deep in her pussy. She almost screams. She tells you your dick is much bigger than the boys at her school. You start to pound her pussy. She asks if she is tighter than mom. She knows she is. She has a perfect young pussy. You continue to fuck her hard doggiesyle watching her ass bounce on your dick. When youre ready to cum, you pull out and jack off all over her ass!
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