VivThomas – Silvie Luca, Tracy Lindsay – Getting Closer Episode 3 – Embrace



Name: VivThomas – Silvie Luca, Tracy Lindsay – Getting Closer Episode 3 – Embrace
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:23:46
Size: 1.29 GB

Synopsis: Tracy Lindsay is a possessive lover, questioning Silvie Luca about what she’s been doing. But when Silvie confesses to kissing another girl, Tracy is aroused by her own feelings of jealousy, and they kiss with great intensity. Silvie tries to apologise, and Tracy admits that she has also been unfaithful; Silvie kneels to eat her pussy, just as she described doing in her illicit liaison. Tracy rocks her hips with breathless arousal as Silvie licks her, then spins her around to finger her to an overwhelming orgasm. Later they are eating dinner and Tracy reveals her conflicted feelings about their relationship. Their passion rises again and Tracy goes down to suck Silvie’s clit hard, using her questing tongue and fingers to drive her towards a powerful climax. As they embrace, it seems their relationship has reached a new level of closeness.
Cast: Silvie Luca & Tracy Lindsay
Released: Mar 14, 2016
Runtime: 23:47
Director: Alis Locanta

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