VivThomas – Silvie Luca, Tracy Lindsay – Faraway So Close Episode 1 – Withdrawn



Name: VivThomas – Silvie Luca, Tracy Lindsay – Faraway So Close Episode 1 – Withdrawn
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:30:24
Size: 1.63 GB

Faraway So Close Episode 1 – Withdrawn (2016)
Synopsis: Tracy Lindsay looks irresistible in skimpy red lingerie as she lies on her bed, chatting on her laptop to Silvie Luca. As Silvie describes an intimate encounter with a new boyfriend, Tracy strokes herself to a rapid orgasm. When the girls meet, Tracy confesses to being jealous, and they kiss. She undresses Silvie and touches her with saliva-slick fingers, rubbing her to the brink of climax, then going down to lick her clit. Silvie straddles Tracy and rides her fingers until she loses control. Later, the girls are talking online again; this time it’s Silvie’s turn to get excited, as Tracy recounts her experiences. When the girls are reunited, Silvie joins Tracy in the shower to confess she has feelings for her. They move to the floor, Silvie fingering Tracy ardently and then eating and frigging her to a powerful orgasm as the water cascades over them.
Cast: Silvie Luca & Tracy Lindsay
Released: Feb 19, 2016
Runtime: 30:24
Director: Alis Locanta

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