VivThomas Mango A & Talia Mint in Lingerie Obsession Episode 3 – Infatuate



Name: VivThomas Mango A & Talia Mint in Lingerie Obsession Episode 3 – Infatuate.mp4
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:28:40
Size: 1.54 GB

As Mango chats with Talia Mint, the conversation turns to lingerie and both girls start to get turned on. They kiss passionately, and Talia offers to show her girlfriend the new lingerie she has bought for them. Talia does a sultry dance for Mango as she slowly removes her dress and then her sexy G-string. Mango pins her against the wall and kisses her hungrily, fingering her roughly and spinning her around to do her from behind. Mango grabs Talia’s hair and frigs her ferociously, then kneels to eat her to an orgasm that shakes her to the core. Later Talia watches as Mango enters the shower, her dress immediately becoming transparent as she is soaked. Mango strips seductively as the water cascades over her body; Talia kisses her tenderly, then guides her to the floor and goes down to lick and finger her. The move into scissors, grinding on each other until the pleasure overwhelms them.

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