VivThomas – Eileen Sue, Tiffany Doll – Voyeurism Episode 1 – Peep



Name: – VivThomas – Eileen Sue, Tiffany Doll – Voyeurism Episode 1 – Peep
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:32:03
Size: 1.73 GB

Synopsis: Eileen Sue watches from her car as Tiffany Doll walks by, ducking down so she’s not seen. She then follows with her camera, spying as Tiffany goes indoors and makes a phone call. Eileen creeps into the house and watches Tiffany get changed into sexy lingerie and stockings; Tiffany is startled when she realizes Eileen is there, but soon recovers as they kiss, and it becomes apparent they are actually lovers. Tiffany undresses Eileen, caressing her hungrily and stroking her pussy until she is in a froth of excitement. She goes down to lick Eileen’s clit as she finger-bangs her, then turns her over to lick and finger her from behind, making her cum. Later, Tiffany touches herself as she spies on Eileen, and then grabs her for a passionate kiss. Eileen fingers and eats Tiffany to an intense climax.
Cast: Eileen Sue & Tiffany Doll
Released: Feb 24, 2016
Runtime: 32:03
Director: Alis Locanta

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