VIPissy – Bianca Ferrero, Nikki Dream – The Photoset



Name: VIPissy – Bianca Ferrero, Nikki Dream – The Photoset
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:32:47
Size: 1.95 GB

After their photographer steps out to review his work, Nikki and Bianca agree to a mini pissing competition. Nikki encourages Bianca to piss far, though Bianca is not so sure she can do it. Bianca comes up just shy of reaching the full distance and Nikki is up, fully optimistic about pulling it off. She raises her body off of the floor for an added advantage, pulling off the victory she wanted. By now the girls have forgotten about their photographer and are busy working on each other. Down all fours, Nikki asks Bianca to implore her to piss on her from that position. With Bianca’s feet pressed against her ass, Nikki decides to stand and lean against Bianca’s feet to pee. The girls piss doggy style next, with one leg raised up, taking turns catching some in their mouths and then drinking it. They take their final pees and then realize that their photographer never made it back, a pleasant dilemma for them in the end.

Download VIPissy_-_Bianca_Ferrero__Nikki_Dream_-_The_Photoset.part1.rar from (700.00 MB)
Download VIPissy_-_Bianca_Ferrero__Nikki_Dream_-_The_Photoset.part2.rar from (700.00 MB)
Download VIPissy_-_Bianca_Ferrero__Nikki_Dream_-_The_Photoset.part3.rar from (593.81 MB)

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