Veneisse – this time big bottle is upside down…and so deep! who likes spritz and eggplants?

I found finally the right bottle to to deep insertion “upaside down” It’s nice shape and became SO LARGE in the middle, and you can bet that i inserted it SO DEEP in me !!!! But to prepare i choosed the biggest eggplants at supermarket.. just to be sure i bought many of them and play at home

Also when i was at shop i noticed this BIG piece of bacon… i could insert but so difficult! not because of size.. but very difficult to keep in hands!

Don’t ask for bacon again because the smell is terrible after.. eheh!

For whom enjoy measures i measured everything before to play the eggplants and bacon are all more then 30 in circumference.. the bacon even 34!!!!!!! wow



Download file – 317.2 MB

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