Veneisse – going naked to buy carrots… but the hard moment was in the kitchen ! :)

As i said previously the new video was based on my last shopping moments I went to shop to buy lot of carrots dressed like this: stocking, high heels and coat… but because i feel too naked i wanted to go out with my grenade well pumped in pussy! Before to go out i noticed the chord and pumper was too evident between my legs.. well… so i pushed everything inside my ass

Back at home the challenge! to put lot of carrots inside.. but what a waste! so i prepared a vitamin shake and noticed how nice is the piston of the mixer… mmmmh.. how to resist to play with it!?!? big, hard, large… very difficult to insert! but after i could do it… i used it for what is done! i pushed a big orange deep in my pussy and i used the piston to push the orange even deeper… so deeper that i had for a moment the feeling i wasn’t able to put it out! what a moment! i had to fist my self to take the orange out

I preferred not to cut so much this video… so the result is a very long movie… i hope you enjoy also the pauses in it… they are all real moments!!!!



Download file – 380.0 MB

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