Veneisse – from Paris with love ball!

Hi… in “thoery” i’m in holiday but i couldn’t resist to film me while i was preparing to go out.. it is never an obvious moment! infact yesterday i bought at souvenir shop a big ball and since the first moment i coulnd’t take away from my head idea to feel my self filled by that ball pumped hard in my pussy! I’m speaking about an “important” ball… you will see it is larger then any other toy i used! so i asked my friend to help me and he pumped the ball inside me till i could feel it enough locked to imagine to spend evening with it inside!.. the 8 minutes we did are without any prepasation, not edit at all.. take it as it is! a genuine moment of my holiday! now that we’re posting it i can see with my eyes how big it is when it’s going in and out from my pussy!

Kisses, Veneisse

Download file – 65.7 MB

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