TheLifeErotic – Nasty S – True Romance 2 (2016)



Name: TheLifeErotic – Nasty S – True Romance 2 (2016).mp4
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:16:08
Size: 585 MB

Synopsis: As candle flames flicker into life, leggy brunette Nasty S begins to run her hands over her slender frame. From the tips of her painted toenails to the top of her dark locks, she possess a lean, sensual, feminine grace. Nasty’s nipples begin to visibly stiffen under the soft fabric of her dress, and she slides it downward, her enticing breasts look full in comparison to her slim torso. Soon she is reaching for one of the many candles that surround her, and lilac colored wax runs in rivulets across her chest. That is only the beginning of Nasty’s night of auto eroticism, and she enthusiastically enjoys her alone time.
Cast: Nasty S
Released: Feb 5, 2016
Runtime: 16:08

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