TheLifeErotic Elizabeth L & Nicolette A Good Morning 2



Name: TheLifeErotic Elizabeth L & Nicolette A Good Morning 2.mp4
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:16:15
Size: 591 MB

Synopsis: Dabbling in sensory play, Nicolette A starts her day off right as she uses the tines of a fork and a Wartenberg wheel on the body of her lover, Elizabeth L. Teasing with aching precision, she trails the tines over and over against Elizabeths’s shaven mound. Moving to the dull edge of a knife, Nicolette continues her exquisite, slow manipulation of Elizabeth’s body. Lost in waves of submissive delight, Elizabeth takes shallow breaths as yogurt is dabbled on her body, and then licked off. Together the girls share a waltz of passion; one leading, the other following.
Cast: Elizabeth L & Nicolette A
Released: Jan 31, 2016
Runtime: 16:15

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