SexArt Sam Brooke & Kristof Cale in For Better Or Worse



Name: SexArt Sam Brooke & Kristof Cale in For Better Or Worse.mp4
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:23:06
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Kristof Cale looks tense as he deals with some problematic paperwork, but his partner Sam Brooke is reassuring, soothing him with soft words and tender caresses. It’s clear the couple supports each other “For Better Or Worse,” and Kristof’s black mood lifts as they kiss lovingly. He unzips Sam’s dress and peels it off her shoulders, squeezing her pert breasts, before she straddles him and strokes his rapidly stiffening cock, swiping it with her eager tongue. Kneeling between his thighs, she swallows as much of his length as she can, corkscrewing her hand around it as she sucks. She straddles him again, grinding on his saliva-slick shaft and then easing it into her tight pussy, her hips undulating as she rides him energetically. Kristof flips her onto her back and goes down to eat her, then thrusts back into her in spoons, fucking her with steadily increasing intensity towards a mutual climax.

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