SexArt – Cristal Caitlin – Bittersweet Tale Part 5

As the concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s enthralling series “Bittersweet Tale” opens, it becomes evident that the abusive ways of wicked Anna Rose have had far-reaching consequences. Her husband, Tyler Nixon, is recounting the story to an acquaintance in a bar as he relaxes with his new partner – Anna’s long-suffering maid, Crystal Caitlin. While Anna is left furious and alone, Cristal and Tyler glow with happiness, basking in one another’s presence as they embrace on the bed. Tyler lavishes tender kisses all over Cristal’s body, then goes down to eat her skilfully as she arches her back with pleasure. He plays his stiff cock against her clit before sliding it inside her, eliciting a gasp of delight. Gazing into her eyes, he fucks her with long strokes, switching up the rhythm to drive her wild. He pulls her on top of him and she rides eagerly, gyrating her hips to grind out maximum sensation, then bouncing on his pole until she comes with great intensity. They move into spoons, Tyler fucking Cristal through another orgasm and then filling her with his hot load. As the closing montage shows the couple having romantic fun together, followed by a glimpse of Anna’s less happy fate, it’s a satisfying end to a decidedly “Bittersweet Tale.”

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