SexArt Arian & Jay Smooth in Charwomen Part 2 – Falling In Love



Name: SexArt Arian & Jay Smooth in Charwomen Part 2 – Falling In Love.mp4
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As the second part of Andrej Lupin’s captivating series “Charwomen” begins, housekeeper Arian is preparing a meal for her employer, Jay Smooth. She assembles it with care, discarding the rose with a wry smile and then changing her mind and replacing it on the tray. Each encounter between the couple fans the flames of their mutual attraction, and when Jay finally gives in to his feelings and approaches Arian for a kiss, she is momentarily startled but very responsive. They embrace passionately and begin to undress one another, Jay lifting petite Arian up onto the kitchen counter as she frees his cock from his pants and begins to stroke it. She wraps her legs around him as he thrusts into her; when she’s at fever pitch he lifts her again and spins around so she is straddling him on the countertop. Arian bounces energetically on his bone, arching back to take it deep and climaxing frenetically as he pounds up into her. They move to their feet so Jay can do her in doggy position, giving her a second, even more powerful orgasm before she sucks and jerks him to a sticky finish. Their blissful expressions, and the sweet postlude, suggest that as this two-parter draws to a close, their romance is just beginning…

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