Sado-Ladies – Mistress Kassi – The Slave Thorn



Name: Sado-Ladies – Mistress Kassi – The Slave Thorn.mp4
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Mistress Kassi is such a perfidiously lady. Dressed in black leather, she smiles at the slave as she tells him that he will be her human ashtray now. She smiles at him but the slave is in so deep trouble.Kassi has made him wear a very special collar. It has a sharp steel thorn in the front right under the slave’s chin. There is no second he could relax, he has to keep his head up. Kassi looks down at the cruel device and she smiles again. She smiles like a very friendly woman but she is devilish.Imagine what happens if she want him to open his mouth for the ash of her cigarette. He can’t lower his mandible without lifting up his head even higher. What a painful position but otherwise the pain would come from the thorn. But Kassi doesn’t care, she enjoys his painful position and with a smile she drops the hot ash on his tongue

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