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Name: RylskyArt – Anelie – Berlosta
Video: MPEG-4, HD, 1280×720
Time: 00:04:14
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In calendar terms, it is the penultimate day of winter and, thank you so much Rylsky, you have kept your promise to give us a video of the enchanting Anelie to warm us up. Just over four minutes of sheer joy with this video version of the photo shoot which was published back in June 2014. I have always thought that she would look incredibly charming with her hair in a ponytail (rather than the twin bunches in the photo shoot) and it does reveal her very lovely and graceful neck. Hopefully this is not the last gem in your stash of treasures and we can look forward to further occasional visits from this divine poppet.
Billyboy4 hours ago
The wonderful Anelie my all-time favourite model. I find it difficult to define what it is about Anelie that is so special. She is not classically beautiful, she doesn’t have perfect figure and she has had the occasional weird hairstyle. Conventional rules do not apply to her however and, when you add her physical attributes to her quirky facial expressions, bubbly personality and delightful joie de vivre, you have a young woman who is utterly adorable, totally irresistible and unique. She is the female I dream not only of going to bed with but also waking up and seeing her sleeping beside me first thing in the morning.
_fer_realz_5 hours ago
What this world needs is more Anelie! Especially in a self-revealing mood like this. I’d sure like to help you with your pretty dress, Anelie. Really, I’d be very helpful, I promise. (: (: (:
Neil6 hours ago
Anelie! Our darling little foxy sweetheart. It is always wonderful to see her. I love her sassy red hair and her cute petite feminine figure. She is proof that redhead or ginger is more than a hair color. It is an attitude. I hope we will see more of Anelie in the future. She is a special doll.

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