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Naked Teen Anne: Family Breeding
From the moment the Seed Bearer laid eyes on Grace, he knew that he wanted her to belong to him.

It was not just the naked teen’s long red hair or her pretty face that made the man lust after her. There was something about the way the girl carries herself that suggested that she is special, and that having sex with her would be an incredible experience.

So the Seed Bearer groomed the girl to receive his seed.

He called her in for a humiliating inspection, during which he forced the teen to strip naked, show him every inch of her virgin body, and then masturbate for him.

He handed her off to the High Priestess, who prepared the girl’s pussy with a sacred stone, and anointed the girl’s naked body with consecrated oil.

He made the girl atone for her sins on the painful priesthood stretcher.

And then, when she was ready, he led her to the Seed Chamber and inseminated her.

Now that he has sealed the covenant with his semen, Grace is free to join him in the highest and most exciting of the secret Mormon sex rituals — the family breeding, which is performed in a special room of the temple dedicated to the purpose.

It’s a good thing the seed bearer’s sexual appetite is insatiable, because he has a lot of girls to please.

Grace joins Anne and Betty on a long white couch and waits for the Seed Bearer to appear.

Even after all the erotic scenarios the young virgin has now been subjected to, she hasn’t been through anything like this.

There’s one final lesson for the girl to learn — how to conquer her jealousy.

Living the higher law of polygamy means that she will have to watch the Seed Bearer have sex with other women.

Now that he has been inside of her, she feels an intense intimacy with him. Watching him slip his hard cock into another girl’s pussy is going to hurt her.

But Grace is determined to be a submissive, obedient girl. She won’t object. In fact, she’ll do everything she can to put on a show for her to increase his pleasure.

The Seed Bearer lines the girls up on the couch and teases each of their holes. He stuffs his cock into Grace’s wet pussy, but just for a second, and then moves down the line, stuffing first Betty and then Anne.

He decides that it’s naked teen Anne who will get his attention today. He swings her around the side of the couch, and even though she is whimpering and pulling away, he hammers her hole.

As he pounds Anne’s inexperienced pussy, he’s pleased to see that Betty is eating Grace’s pussy. In the throes of ecstasy, Grace makes eye contact with him to communicate that the pleasure she’s receiving is amplified by the fact that he is fucking another girl.

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