Incest – Vanessa Cage and Cory Chase in Family Cums First

Cory has just started to make her grocery list when her son sneaks up behind her with his hard cock. Put that away, oh my god Cory yells in disgust, unsure of what else to say. Come on, touch it He tells her. Cory screams at him, You’re my son, I can’t do things like that with you and tries to fight him off.

Get away from me, I’m your mother She yells, his strong hands all over her body. He grabs her by the hips and lifts her up onto the counter. Cory’s eyes open in wide horror as her panties are slid down and her son pushes into her pussy. White knuckled, griping the table he destroys her pussy. Oh no She says as he pushes her to the floor and cums all over her face. Make sure to pick me up some Pop Tarts at the store He says, leaving her to clean up from her violation.

Scene Two:mom is my first

Baby please no Cory pleads with her son. In a tight purple dress, Cory was about to go out with friends until her son throws her to the couch and pulls off her clothes. She’s naked and exposed, to be fucked by her son’s raging cock.

She moans and begs him to stop and as much as she doesn’t want it to it feels good. His strong muscled arms holding her down and violating her. Cory’s made to get to the floor and worship her son’s balls before he covers her with his cum. This is unbelievable Cory says, cum dripping from her mouth.

Scene Three:Passing the torch

Cory isn’t safe from her son. Every time he feels the need he takes her and fucks her, whenever where ever he pleases. Her tight pussy is for him to use. He fucks and cums inside her, leaving her to wipe away her tears. Mom are you ok? Vanessa asks walking in and seeing her mom upset. Cory says Just be careful around your brother ok

Vanessa questions her brother about their mom, when he decides to use her too. What are you doing you perv, you’re my brother She says to him, fighting him off. He pulls off her clothes and plays with her huge breasts as she squeaks in terror. He shuts her up by fucking her mouth and pussy. Oww, What are you doing to me She screams as he fucks her into the couch and cums all over her big tits. He leaves her quietly sobbing on the couch.

Scene Four: Safe space

Vanessa is in her bed crying when her brother comes in to make it up to her. Go away She yells at him. He slides in behind her and kisses her neck. Not again She pleads and kicks as he pulls off her cloths and pulls her face onto his cock.

It’s ok He whispers, using her pussy. Vanessa can’t believe that her brother is fucking her again. She moans and sobs as she’s violated by his big cock. She cums, on her brother’s dick and it makes him shoot his hot load over her breasts. Get out, leave me alone She screams at him.

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