Hardtied – Un Reve de Corde – Arabelle Raphael – Jack Hammer



Name: Un Reve de Corde.mp4
Video: MPEG-4, HD, 1280×720
Time: 00:54:50
Size: 2.71 GB

When a girl like Arabelle Raphael lies down to sleep you can read what she dreams of all over her body and face. Her tattoos let you know that she isn’t afraid of a bit of pain. The sexy lingerie tells you that she was, or maybe still is, hoping to get lucky. And her beautiful body announces to the world that she is the perfect play thing for any man strong enough to make her bend to his will.

In the middle of the night, that is who invades her dreams. Jack Hammer is a tough dom looking to tear apart a sexy submissive with his massive cock. She is completely unconscious when he puts his hand over her mouth, but she snaps to alertness as she realizes that he is already tying her down to her own bed. She’s helpless in seconds, and while she knows that the feeling should terrify her, instead she can feel her panties getting wet. If she were in control he might be done after a deep dicking, just leaving her there to languish in her bondage, but she isn’t in control, and he has far more interest in seeing her suffer than setting Arabelle free. Satisfying the man of her dreams isn’t just about being a warm, wet hole for him to stick his dick in. If she wants to get through this nightmare she is going to have to survive a brutal caning to her tied off tits.

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