DominatrxAnnabelle – Lady Annabelle – Arse-Licker Par Excellence



Name: DominatrxAnnabelle – Lady Annabelle – Arse-Licker Par Excellence
Video: MPEG-4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:21:30
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Vintage Spurs, Tweed Cape, Thigh Leather Boots, Crotchless Fishnet Bodice, and my dear Arse-licker Par Excellence! Oh WOW does he have a tongue on him, and he’s working very hard at it! There is nothing quite like having a most energetic canter across the fields on my black stallion, and then taking a stroll with my slave through the gardens! Finishing in the afternoon in my Office, for my slave to clean my dirty boots! Always starting from the bottom, cleaning and licking the soles of my gorgeous stiletto heels! And, then slowly working his way up between my toned thighs, until finally reaching my
sweaty arse! Well, after all that riding, one needs a little refreshing! Getting his tongue right in between my crack, poking it inside my little tight hole! Oh WOW he’s good!

With all that tongue licking, carressing my throbbing lips, it really stimulated my clit, Oh my goodness, my throbbing clit, I couldn’t wait any longer, I just had to satisfy myself using my leather gloved hand, fingering my juicy pussy! So satisfying, and so deliciously naughty, especially while hobson watched!
Of course, after giving myself some pleasure, it was time to focus on hobson’s wonderful muscle! I do love a BIG muscle, a good size means I can have a very good grip around his pulsating cock. In fact, I love to grip his muscle just below the head and giving it a really hard squeeze! It almost looks as though the head is about to blow! I had hobson’s legs spread over my leather saddle, exposing his caged cock, while his hands were shackled behind him. Oh yes, he knows what’s coming, and the anticipation
still remains incredibly tense, as he waits for me to release him, and put his muscle through a most highly erotic tease and torment. I love to keep hobson waiting, the longer he waits the more intense it becomes!
And, then the bite comes, sinking my teeth into his bulbous head! Oh WOW I love biting his cock, I can usually taste his pre-cum as it oozes out of his knob!

And, I usually look so incredibly sadistic, with my evil eyes taking delight from the pain he’s enduring. But the thing is, although he yelps, his cock loves it! And, after he shoots his HOT load for me, I continue tormenting his incredibly sensitive cock, by massaging and slapping it HARD!!!

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