DivineBitches Lorelei Lee and Jake Wilder Lucky Sap Wins a Night at the Money Motel Part 2



Name: DivineBitches Lorelei Lee and Jake Wilder Lucky Sap Wins a Night at the Money Motel Part 2.mp4
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All you fuckers’ favorite fetish now has a home, and if you’re lucky enough, you might just get to spend the night. If it happened to Jake Wilder, why not you, right? Here’s how one guy was lucky enough to land a night at the Divine Bitches Money Motel:

Jake shows up like most businessmen do, hard cock in hand and the notion that money can buy him anything. Lorelei immediately bends him over and begins the punishment he wants so badly: a spanking with his face smothered in the millions of dollars he just spent on her, the privilege of sniffing Lorelei’s beautiful pussy while she masturbates on top of him, totally ignoring his useless cock. Which grows and grows as his ego is stripped further away!

Lorelei fucks his bratty rich asshole for her sadistic pleasure and Jake loves it so much, he pays her more. He is becoming a better man with every dollar spent and Lorelei just keeps fucking the shit out of him until he’s decent enough to let loose on the public again. Jake leaves with a slimmer wallet yet tons more charm and respectability… #GIVEYOURMONEYTOWOMEN
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Jan 30, 2016
He’s gorgeous. We need more of him! Wow. Would love to see his cock rock hard.

Great! (5)
Jan 30, 2016
I love Mistress Lorelei and it was a really fun scene. He is a big hunky guy and Lorelei uses him as her plaything. very cool. I always love the pre and post session interviews.

Great! (5)

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