CfnmTV – Science Boy`s Surprise



Name: scienceboy-3-large
Video: Windows Media, SD, 960×540
Time: 00:04:45
Size: 102 MB

Part1: School swat Mark spends his days with his nose in school textbooks. He has no interest in sports or hanging out with his classmates – he’d much rather be studying in the library. He never watches TV and has never seen the Channel 6 show. Believing it to be a science programme, he’s more than happy to volunteer. After all, it’ll provide the perfect opportunity to show off his knowledge – won’t it?

Part2: Now completely naked and at the mercy of the bossy older woman, Mark wishes the ground would open up and swallow him. When he agreed to take part he had no idea he would be used as a guinea pig to demonstrate ever more humiliating procedures. With the cameras trained on him, he’s painfully aware that the thousands of viewers at home are sharing every moment of his acute discomfort. When he sees the shiny medical implement in Bryony’s hand he realises things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Part 3: Just when Mark thought things couldn’t get any worse, the presenter produces a urethral swab. With no thought for his feeling she jabs the object into his penis. He tries to ignore the shooting pain as she jiggles it about to get a sample. But she still isn’t finished, demanding a sperm sample and asking the girls to help her out. Poor Mark has no choice but to stand there blushing as the eager girls grab and manipulate his genitals. Oh the shame! He’ll never be able to show his face at school again.

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