BratPrincess – Jennifer, Sasha – Use My Ashtray



Name: BratPrincess – Jennifer, Sasha – Use My Ashtray
Video: Windows Media, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:06:30
Size: 481 MB

Jennifer orders her slave over to serve as Sashas ash tray while she smokes. She gives him the order flat, which tells the salve she wants his tongue flat for her to spit on and Sasha to ah on. The ash tray is trained to thank Sasha quietly after each ash is dropped in its mouth. The girls chit chat and add things to their wish lists for boys to buy for them. The ash tray is used. In the end Sasha puts the cigarette out on its tongue. Sasha drops the butt in its mouth and leaves the slave to swallow it.

Download BratPrincess – Jennifer, Sasha – Use My Ashtray.wmv from (481.39 MB)

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