ATKGirlfriends – Alaina Dawson – Alaina looks like a classic painting when she shaves



Name: ATKGirlfriends – Alaina Dawson – Alaina looks like a classic painting when she shaves.mp4
Video: MPEG-4, SD, 852×480
Time: 01:07:12
Size: 1.16 GB

Photographer: ATKINGDOM
Movie: Virtual vacation
Description: Alaina must think she’s dreaming when you wake her up and it’s time to go to Hawaii. Like a zombie, she aimlessly walks around to grab her belongings. After lunch in Hawaii you help her decide on a bathing suit to wear even though she’ll fill any of them out nicely. Her undies have a nice pussy juice stain on them. She’s a trooper for at least trying to go in the water once you get to the beach – it was pretty cold. You get back to the room with a bunch of snacks. You really like how pretty Alaina looks with her hair up. You like is so much that you vigorously rub her pussy, and her lips are flared like a beautiful butterfly. You enjoy each others’ company while you watch the sunset. Alaina relaxes in the bathtub, and she’s posed like a classic painting when she shaves her legs.

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